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Dedicated To Roy Buchanan and his, 1953 Fender® Telecaster® "Nancy" Presented by DON MARE PICKUPS: News

Roy Fan?? a must read: - January 11, 2012

~Calling all...Roy Buchanan ~ fans... Please Read:

My LIFETIME GOAL, was to actually make a bridge pickup identical in every way to Roy Buchanan's 53 Tele he nicknamed Nancy,
The pickup in his Nancy never would give up a ohm reading.. This baffled us for years and years... But it’s not uncommon for a pickup to fail, and suddenly lose its entire bass... I used to get calls about pickups doing that in the field and we would offer replacements.. The common complaint was this: "all the bass is gone and now it sounds treble-y ~ and now I can’t get any ohm readings ~ yet it’s still working, but it’s a total treble bomb"

2007 when I was allowed to play Nancy and go "under her hood" and take readings..etc.. No ohm reading from bridge.. So I recorded some clips click on :( Music)
That’s me testing Nancy with the owner because he thought something was wrong and it needed fixed.. LOL.... BTW.. Nancy's Christy Auction House value is currently at $600K the majority of the interest in obtaining her is that sound of hers.. Just listen to my clip.. she was unique.. There’s no way to debunk that! It’s because of that failing pickup, and the neck was nicely spec-ed from the factory.

But for 4 years... steady I’ve chased that sound... got close using alternative components... etc... And have made revisions to my product with every new break thru...
But deep down inside I wanted to know just what happened inside Nancy’s pickup and the duplicate it perfectly without adding a thing... But to recreate it perfectly - Cloning it, or making a Twin Sister! That was my Life Time Goal that I wanted to achieve in this life!
WHY?.... just because Nancy is often thought of as the best sounding Telecaster that there ever was... need I say more? She’s super important, that voice of hers needed recreated.. and it was my mission to hopefully do just that and then offer it to those who wanted it dearly.. Just like I once needed it dearly when I decided to sport a band that just did Roy’s tunes. BUCK CANNON BAND..
There was no other way to get that sound, IE this sound!

1953' Guitar Roys NANCY - January 21, 2011

More pieces to the "Nancy Tone" puzzle feel into place last week as a friend brought a similar *Tele(R) here with a non-readable Ohm-wise Bridge pickup
yet it was acting very-very similar to Roy's Nancy - and sounded very close..

so I ran some test using other meters etc.. and actually got some reads- and duplicated some pickups and tested them against that guitar and the clips of Nancy available here in the Music section and BAM!!! its dead on.. so its just some FINE TUNING left to go and I'll make that RUNNING CHANGE To my existing 2324 Nancy set and be able to supply Affectionados THE CLOSEST RENDITION TO ROYS NANCY IN THE WORLD!!!

*(*Tele is registered Trademark of FMIC)which this web site has NO affiliation!

Buchanan Bluesmaster - January 16, 2008

In the '80s Roy Buchanan had a Guild deal going, I think it was called the Guild T200?

Roy was given one of those first run Fender 1952 RI's.
Roy did play it often and you can find pictures of him using the '80s '52 RI.

But it was the Fritz Bros' "Roy Buchanan Bluesmaster" that captured Roy's signature.

Roy Buchanan’s actual influence on guitar players was smaller than we all think and it’s always been mostly because of “what he did on the guitar” and “what he stood for” (the originator) than his actual 1953 Telecaster.

The number of guys who would actually want a cloned version of Roy Buchanan’s guitar is way too small to waste marketing dollars on.
The Nocaster’s are the best 1953 Clones, the '52 RI’s would be second best.

Discography - January 16, 2008

* Buch & The Snakestretchers, 1971, BOYA
* Roy Buchanan and the Snakestretchers, 1972, BOYA
* Roy Buchanan, 1972, Polydor
* Second Album, 1973, Polydor
* That's What I Am Here For, 1974, Polydor
* In the Beginning, 1974, Polydor
* Live Stock, 1975, Polydor
* Rescue Me, 1975, Polydor
* Street Called Straight, 1976, Atlantic
* Loading Zone, 1977, Atlantic
* Live in U.S.A. & Holland 77-85 - Silver Shadow CD 9104
* You're Not Alone, 1978, Atlantic
* Live in Japan - 1977 (Rel 1978) Polydor MPF 1105
* My Babe, 1981, AJK
* When a Guitar Plays the Blues, 1985, Alligator
* Live - Charly Blues Legend vol. 9 85-87 - Charly Schallplatten GMBH - CBL 758*
* Dancing on the Edge, 1986, Alligator
* Hot Wires, 1987, Alligator
* Early Years, 1989, Krazy Kat
* Sweet Dreams: The Anthology, 1992, Polydor
* Guitar on Fire: Atlantic Sessions, 1993, Rhino
* Charly Blues Masterworks: Roy Buchanan Live, 1999, RedX entertainment
* Deluxe Edition: Roy Buchanan, 2001, Alligator
* 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: Best Of Roy Buchanan, 2002, Polydor
* American Axe: Live In 1974 [Live], 2003, Powerhouse Records
* The Prophet - Unreleased First Album,2004, Hip-O Select/Polydor
* Live,2006,Charly Records
* The Definitive Collection ,2006,Polydor
* Rhino Hi-Five : Roy Buchanan,2007,Rhino Atlantic

January 16, 2008

Two of Roy Buchanan's albums were released on Atlantic Records: "Loading Zone," and "You Are Not Alone." For awhile, you could only have a few tracks on cd on "Roy Buchanan; The Atlantic Sessions." Now, thanks to Wounded Bird Records, you can have it all! These two recordings show the full range of Roy's talents, and why PBS touted him as: "the greatest unknown guitarist!"

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Full Artwork

1 Heat of the Battle (5:02)
2 Hidden (3:25)
3 Circle (2:57)
4 Adventures of Brer Rabbit and Tar Baby (2:36)
5 Ramon's Blues (7:09)
6 Green Onions (8:11)
7 Judy (4:11)
8 Done Your Daddy Dirty (4:14)
9 Your Love (3:55)


Roy Buchanan - Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Main Performer, Soloist, Vocals

Byrd Foster - Drums
David Garibaldi - Drums
Dennis Parker - Bass, Bass
Diva Gray - Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Donald "Duck" Dunn - Bass
Jan Hammer - Keyboards, Piano
Laura Williams - Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Malcolm Lukens - Keyboards, Organ, Piano (Electric)
Narada Michael Walden - Drums, Piano
Ray Gomez - Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm)
Rhetta Hughes - Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Ron Foster - Vocals (Background)
Ronnie Foster - Vocals
Scott Musmanno - Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals
Stanley Clarke - Bass, Guitar, Producer
Steve Cropper - Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm)
Will Lee - Bass

Launching the best Roy Buchanan Data Site in the world! - January 15, 2008

Hello, folks!
The time has come, let's gather all the intelligence we can on Roy Buchanan and make this place #1 ASAP!!!

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